Distant Healing


A full 1 hour distant healing, also known as absent or long distance healing, done in real time as though you were at the clinic with me!

People are surprised that they can actually feel the hand positions in distant healing.

Email support is included in the price.

If I have met you before then we can go ahead and do the session; if you are new to me, then I will ask you to email me a photo of yourself beforehand.

“I wasn't able to come to Rebekah for a treatment at the clinic, so she suggested having a distant healing treatment. It was great. We arranged a specific time that I knew I could lie down and receive it. I felt like Rebekah was there with me in the room treating me. I felt warmth, tingling and peace. I actually dosed off like I usually do in treatments. I felt so calm, peaceful and happy afterwards.

I can  recommend trying a distant healing treatment if you're unable to attend at the clinic.”  D.T. Nottingham

Payment must be made at least 24 hours before the appointment time, via the PayPal link below.

I will contact you to arrange a convenient time; you will need to be lying down for the full hour with the view to allow some time afterwards to integrate the session, just as with a session at the clinic.

Great for people who cannot make it into the clinic for whatever reason!

Distant Healing 1 hour: £15

Absent or Long Distance Healing PayPal: Buy Distant Healing 1 hour Treatment