Here are some recommended links to support your Health and Wellness

For protection from Electromagnetic Pollution (EMFs) I recommend Zero Point Global Products, particularly the pendants for everyday protection, sirius hearts for your mobile and personal environment transformers for office and home. My daughter got me a pendant a couple of years ago, and I have never taken it off!

Pilates- Strengthens the core- look better and feel better

Kundalini Yoga- To get your energy moving and to clear those blocks!

Brian Weiss- The first track on each CD is a deeply relaxing guided meditation. Track 2 is for the more adventurous of you!

Yoga Nidra- This is a deeply rejuvenating and balancing meditation CD.

William Rand’s page is a great resource on everything Reiki.

An organic wholefood diet is the perfect way to optimise your health. Here are some suppliers who deliver throughout Nottingham that I highly recommend: Paul’s Organics, Trinity Farm and Out of this World.